May-Jun has not been the easiest

3 Jul    

The month of June was a reset, as we enter into the 2nd half of another year. Time flies lately - which I guess we could attribute to mindless social media scrolling at times. I’m taking time to detach and get back to mindful activities such as reading and walks. Helping to calibrate the mental state and your focus for what’s ahead; interestingly also to retrospect on what has passed.


Not remembered by the work achievements
You want to be remember the pranks made, the smiles made. Dont fall for the arrival fallacy. Thinking that happiness is at the other side of the rainbow. Chasing the rainbow is the satisfaction!

How to code my own handwriting

This is interesting to understand

Do not fear remote work, or do you as a CEO?

Consider the fear factors and find a resolution to those factors. Remote work has been proven to be effective with the right set of culture, mindset and employee competencies.

Math questions

Interviews are getting harder because of AI
Figuring out how people ‘cheat’ in interviews will be useful for you to know how you can work alongside AI to achieve higher/faster productivity.

I think hirers would be unwise to fight the AI wave that has now landed in the hiring space.


Random fun project to make code worse.

AI Hallucination

For example, an AI model that is trained on a dataset of medical images may learn to identify cancer cells. However, if the dataset does not include any images of healthy tissue, the AI model may incorrectly predict that healthy tissue is cancerous. This is an example of an AI hallucination.

Incorrect predictions
False positive
False negative

To prevent AI hallucinations:

  1. Limit possible outcomes

Regularization penalizes the model for making predictions that are too extreme. This helps to prevent overfitting training data and thereupon making incorrect predictions

  1. Train your ai with only relevant and specific resources

  1. Create a template for your AI to follow
    Template example:
  • A title
  • An introduction
  • A body
  • Conclusion

  1. Tell your AI what you want and do not want

TCP Congestion Control

Nagle’s algorithm
RFC 896

Nagle’s algorithm can cause consecutive small packer from user land (end user) applications to coalesce into single TCP packet.
Happens at the cost of increase in latency:

  • Sender is locally queuing up data until it either receives a remote acknowledgment or sufficient additional data piled up to send a full-sized segment

Delayed Acks RFC 813
More complete explanation:

Ssh, https, iscsid, relays, bpd, and unwind have disabled Nagle’s algorithm by default

Having the ability to disable Nagle’s algorithm as a whole system is what sysctl net.inet.tcp.nodelay = 1 will cause TCP_NODELAY to be set to all TCP sockets

The Nagle algorithm is one of the primary mechanisms which protects the internet from poorly designed and/or poorly implemented
applications. However, for a certain class of applications
(notably, request-response protocols) the Nagle algorithm interacts
poorly with delayed acknowledgements to give these applications poorer performance.

Allow you to create annotations and comments on PDF file itself. Works together with pdf.js

Allow image annotation, allow you to insert links

One consideration is to transform pdf to image via snapshot, and allow for an image annotation.

For download, it could just be a download of the pdf file.
Or it could be the download with comments. Then this will be converted from image to PDF or word doc

More libraries to work on HTML5 canvas.
Interestingly, there is an example related to seat reservation.
Similar to the ones you see at the cinema. Though the question comes when you wish to setup the seats to be reflective of actual scene, it is not going to be an easy feat.

Opensource data labelling tool for machine learning purposes.

P2P communication
End to end encryption
Large file support
Peer-to-peer connection

To create live commenting feature for collaboration

Alternative to disqus for common page commenting.
Loaded seamlessly and able to focus on feature first setup.

There is a whole list of alternatives here as well.

Allow you to load images with interactions

Inclined to try this with a vue.js application.
Learning how to build a vue.js quickly for fast execution and experiments can be part of the learning experience too

docusign alternative



Data migration feature

Feature flag for client side

Allow you to write on beautiful editor for your documentations


On chrome

List of opensource games

At least 30 games


Replace clueless managers, not workers