Speaking into the future - ATxEnterprise2024

5 Jun 2024    

Getting myself prepared. As a software engineer, what is the most important piece of information before you start your development work?

The specs. To find out what you are building, you got to know what problem are you trying to solve, objective you are trying to achieve.

You can build the most elaborate AI but it does not function as user requires, you have achieved nothing.

I had the opportunity to be panelist to address this topic: Future-Proofing the Enterprise to Navigate the Future Data Landscape

It was interesting and decided to delve deeper.

Ref: future proofing your data landscape

In the realm of data, you need to get your 4 pillars of data landscape right:

  1. Data storage
    1. Ensure data are organised, scalable and accessible when needed
      1. Affects your performance scalability and cost
  2. Data access
    1. Linking back to biz needs, you want data for what objectives?
    2. Timely decision making, operational efficiency
      1. API
      2. Access controls
    3. Greater biz agility and operational efficiency, quicker response to macro changes
  3. Data management
    1. Ensures data quality integrity and accessibility, better analytics and decision-making processes
    2. Data governance, metadata management and data integration
  4. Data security
    1. Trust and compliance, protecting sensitive data
    2. Encryption, access control, security audits


Going beyond data, you find yourself in the space of AI. AI has already changed the world and now starting to affect the way we work and significantly improved our productivity.

Please explore NAIS 2.0 launched by Singapore on the 28th May

Figuring out the areas deemed important by nations, you will find the budget you need for the work you do.

It was a good time chatting but for now, it’s all hands on deck