The new beginning!

29 Jan 2024    

Figuring out what you want to learn the next 6 years and compressing that to just 6 months. Man that mindset is tough.


  1. Mechanism of watch

Interesting interactive graphs on how each parts of a mechanism watch work.

  1. Should you add screenshots into your documentations?

  1. Chesterton’s fence mental model

  1. Slides Design

1 purpose per slide, reduce distraction from that 1 purpose

  1. Effective repeat back to me communication style

  1. Asking what your customers want doesnt work

Fund raising

  1. yes means no


  1. Pitivi


  1. Airdraw

  1. Fast logos generator



  1. Ios app navigation patterns

  1. LLM need these layers?

  1. Prompt engineering

  1. All code are technical debt

  1. Or not?

  1. Own the problem not the solution

  1. books for cto

  1. Merge vs rebase

  1. Data lakehouse

  1. Hosting posgres on k8s

  1. 50 algos every engineers should know

  1. Simple last longer

  1. Deleted at

  1. Performance engineering by MIT

  1. Dealing with app containing multiple UI library