The time of merry - the time of learning!

22 Dec 2023    

During this december period, I find myself getting into the rhythm of reading my articles. I am grateful for that outcome, i managed to find out even more interesting opensource articles which I love to share with my readers

Happy Reading!


  1. sam Altman getting AI chip from his own invested startup

  1. The million things you can do with Mac’s fn key

  1. meta’s insight into E2EE Messenger

  1. Why time goes faster and slower at times

  1. Details and insights of hamas war



  1. Open source hand-drawn style whiteboard

  1. Lobster - HackerNews alternative

  1. Runpod
    Ability to run ai models

  1. traceo


  1. LLM Visualiser

  1. Big problem with Jenkins

  1. Learning more about JS stack by building one

  1. Gron - Grepping data from files

  1. Internet jumps

  1. Collecting voices for AI training

  1. How does shazam work?

  1. Building images w HTML using SVG

  1. data engineering design patterns

  1. Building a multidocument model

  1. 100 things to learn about vue

  1. Stocknear