The month of Nov - more articles to keep the habit

30 Nov 2023    

This month has been an interesting month of learning. Exploring ways to restart the learning alongside other responsibilities.

Thankful to encounter these different articles which I love to share with my readers


  1. a website that does only showing display

An interesting way of creating pet projects as a way to learn

  1. Howcome ships uses port, starboard instead of left right

Unlike left and right, “port” and “starboard” refer to fixed locations on a vessel.

  1. Elevator Exploration

  1. Apple wishes to create a journalling app

Allowing access to in-device data, the application can create a service that all other applications can only dream of.

  1. system D
    Being a débrouillard. Getting the job done

  1. Checklist of items when you get laid off

Sharing this information to protect people around the world in the same predicament

  1. Lessons as a manager

Its never easy as a technical mgr, learn how to navigate the complexity to straddle between tech work and management work

  1. Improbably right

  1. Using Notion has a productivity tool

Honestly, anything works as long as it works for you. But the principle of organizing yourself is important

  1. Prime numbers are beautiful; literally

  1. Forbes 30u30 a mockery?

  1. Headwind for dropbox

  1. Checking spaceX satellites

Interesting how there is an API for coverage. Interesting how there is open sourced API.


  1. ChatPDF
    Upload the PDF and ask it questions

  1. How to train your own LLM?

  1. BI as code

  1. Charts using text

  1. Splitting app where it matters
    Learning how to allow your monolithic code to evolve into microservices without the pain of it.

Ensuring that your monolithic code can be executed independently by its applications.

Don’t be too quick to jump into distributed systems architecture too quickly.
The pain could collapse your capability to execute.

  1. Promp Engineering

Start using commands such as: “Write”, “Classify”, “Summarize”, “Translate”, “Order”, etc.

### Instruction ###
Translate the text below to Spanish
Text: "hello!"

Extract the name of places in the following text
Desired format: Place: <comma_separated_list_of_company_names>
Input: "Although these developments are encouraging to researchers, much is still a mystery. “We often have a black box between the brain and the effect we see in the periphery,” says Henrique Veiga-Fernandes, a neuroimmunologist at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon. “If we want to use it in the therapeutic context, we actually need to understand the mechanism.""

  1. Platform for job seekers to track & organise their job experiences

Interesting & nice UI

  1. LLM obersability tool