Aug 2023 - Time of reflection

31 Aug 2023    

Getting through the last few months trying to get through the challenges of biz. Beyond that, Im putting together articles when you are stretched at work helps you take a pause and question why do you value self learning this much.

Personally, beyond the employees that are under my care, I find myself doing a favor for the future me. I am grateful for the me today for putting myself through those effort and work so I could perform better 1 week from now.


Software is eating the world

Healthcare and Education is up next in the industry to take on entrepreneurial approach towards enhancing their processes with technology.
Knowing their domain pain points can help position you for that upcoming wave

This article was written on 2011, in which universities are still using systems that are built 20-30 years ago.

The hardware behind ChatGPT

A list of sites with dumb password requirements

Interesting list of requirements that makes you think who allows them.

Replacing bad systems with bad systems
Design thinking is simple to describe in two questions:
Who’s it for?
What’s it for?

Street Fighter or Martial Artist

MA => more organised, more predictatibility, specialised in its craft
SF => Impact centric

Faster than Light is possible?

Wild Life is coming back in Florida

Amazing photos anddetails


AI will not steal your jobs, its the humans whom leverage on AI

the ban on italy can be interesting. The reason can be a good food for thought

How do tech companies die

Culture with a mix of ego. Solution of bringing in better management chases them out.

Have full ownership of your work

Buy your own domain and you will not be at the mercy of the other platforms such as medium or blogs.

Coding for kids

Adding to another interesting list of articles. Coding for kids can be fun, and colorful. You can consider this

to-read is a river not a bucket

Understand that you can only read and more piles up. I guess this is a good sign of knowledge exposure and acquiring knowledge is a process.

Call yourself titles

If you run even if you just started last week, you are called a runner. And runners run. You want to start giving yourself titles as early as possible so you will stick to them and allow yourself to over the imposter syndrome.

Google Street view of Ukraine

Not a good feeling to see the country in this state: debree everywhere.

What can AI do in 30mins

Social Media Manager
Site Developer
Marketing Strategist

Why are engineers estimating their tasks

  • Framing Challenge
  • You have an X/Y Problem
  • Scrum reality

Paul Graham’s startup essays still relevant?

Whatever that he shared is not the norm anymore


Eight insights about LLM currently

  1. LLMs predictably get more capable with increasing investment, even without targeted innovation.
  2. Many important LLM behaviors emerge unpredictably as a byproduct of increasing in- vestment.
  3. LLMs often appear to learn and use representations of the outside world.
  4. There are no reliable techniques for steering the behavior of LLMs.
  5. Experts are not yet able to interpret the inner workings of LLMs.
  6. Human performance on a task isn’t an upper bound on LLM performance.
  7. LLMs need not express the values of their creators nor the values encoded in web text.
  8. Brief interactions with LLMs are often misleading.


Unified Payments Interface

I wonder what is their problem statement and how did they derive to this solution.
What does the ideal solution to their problem statement look like?

Cut the Cute Errors

When its an error, there is probably some anxiety involved, which cute errors are not necessary. Solve the user’s pain point

Error messages are incredibly important, and the software industry generally does a bad job of writing them. Good error messages explain what’s gone wrong, and give clear instructions for what to do next – and being cutesy rarely helps.

pizzagpt - chatgpt accessible in Italy

There are ways to go around chatgpt that are banned in other countries. Those being said, what will be a meaningful way to do this without incurring cost?

ChatGPT can do more than chat

You can get chatgpt to create new tones, extract text from images

GPT4’s reverse tuning test

GPT-4 can differentiate between AI & human

Cover Letter Generator with Gen AI

interesting how cover letters can be generated now. And you wonder if its worth reading them anymore.

What is the reason for reading cover letters? You want to detect the student’s competency to persuade. That is out of the window now.

You want to sense the student’s level of curiousity, understanding of the company, and how they perceive their skills can align with the company’s values. Those are out of the window as well. But not entirely. there are still managers in their 50s that are highly unaware of Gen AI, and nevertheless, can potentially convince them of the competency.

  • Looking for repo across the world

Mistakes made as engineer but only see it as mgr

saving books from discard

why write?

Low sYstem level programming

the Coffeeshop fallacy

You cant be in love with a particular idea or business, you have to be in love with the idea of running a business.

Tech for music

COmmon beginner mistakes with React

SVB Status page

When do you consider having a status page?
Is there a way to automate this

Typescripting the interview

Alpaca: A Strong, Replicable Instruction-Following Model

Changes to YC

Strategy is to focus on your core. In this case, YC’s core is early investing. Its interesting how they identified their late stage investments as a distraction.

Wise of them and humble of them to acknowledge.

Building second income stream by writing a book

Default yes mantra

  • You want to consider your personal branding
  • Your ability to gather strong attention to your content

How much can your mac do without internet?

In the complete absence of a network connection:

  • macOS Ventura installs and configures correctly;
  • Gatekeeper first-run checks complete without delay, even when an app is in quarantine;
  • apps that don’t require a network connection function normally;
  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote function normally;
  • Xcode installs and runs normally, but without access to online accounts;
  • other App Store apps aren’t available;
  • signing into iCloud isn’t available;
  • Software Update, including macOS updates, isn’t available.

Blind AI - Privacy first ChatGPT

Dreamworks animtion open moonray

Personalised Trainer