Difference between Test Cases vs Test Plans

24 Nov 2022    

As you dive deeper into the QA world, you will start hearing QA terms that seems similar. Do these terms refer to the same item or different. If different, what are the factor of differences?

In this case, we will go through these 2 terms: Test Cases VS Test Plans.

Want to give it a go on what could be its differences?

What is a test case?

A document that lays out the following:

  • Test data
  • procesures/inputs
  • scenarios
  • Descriptions
  • testing environment
  • expected results
  • actual results

Test cases run a single test scenario. As a rule, there are usually both a positive and negative test case for each scenario.

Objectives of Test-cases

  1. designed to discover any bugs or bugs within the software application
  2. Show the application should be executed if performs correctly
    1. The workflow should be reflecting the actual user’s workflow

Test plan

A test plan is a comprehensive document to lay out all major activities associates with a particular testing project.

A test plan will include:

  • Scope of the project
  • Goals and objectives
  • target market/audience
  • assumptions
  • Testing cycle start/end dates
  • any major roles and responsibilities/overall resources
  • TEsting environment
    • Criteria
    • How to set
    • Details
  • Deliverables
  • Major Risks and how to handle these risks
  • Defect reporting and mitigation
    • How to do bug reporting
  • Testing end date

This document serves as a source of truth for testing team, product/development teams. You want this document to be simple, concise, layout any specifics.

This document will also outline the testing environment. For example, Should the testing team test run on both IOS or specific versions of IOS

Serving as a guide, a test plan document is a live document across the project.


Test plan is the overall approach to a project. A feature can be scoped as a project.
That project should have clear objectives and deliverables.

Test cases will be a subset of a test plan down to the specifics of each use-case.