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31 Jul 2022    

Keeping yourself updated to the technical articles, general knowledge, and also anything else interesting. Consistently keeping your habit to read frequently is not easy. If you have done that in any small way, good job. Keep it up!


Webhook Ordering

YComb Most important lifestyle Habits of successful founders

Salary is for living, equity is for upside. Finding a right balance to the challenges you face

Neural Network

Section information

  • Key statistics & skills and trends
  • Career pathways
  • Occupations and Job roles
  • Skills and competencies
    • Skills gap
  • Training programmes to close skills gap

What is strategic Planning

A plan is not a strategy.
An integrative set of choices that positions you on a playing field of your choice in a way that you win.

  • strategy has a theory, why we should be on this playing field and not the other.
  • And on this playing field, you are better at serving customers

A Strategic theory coherent and doable.
Who is the customer of your cost, you are.
Strategy includes the desired outcome you wish to achieve. You do not control the customers. They decide, not you.

Southwest was aiming for a specific outcome (they had a theory)

  • a substitute of a greyhound, so the cost has to be similar.
  • Point to point, 737s, only 1 kind of gates, training, simulations etc.
  • No meals on the flights, specialise on short flights
  • no agency, just online, cheaper, more convenient

Planning trap - comfortable
Strategy will have angst associated with it

  • You cannot prove in advance that your strategy will succeed.
  • If our theory is right about what we can do and how the market will react, you cannot be for sure on strategy.
    • Giving your org a chance to do great
  • Layout the logic of your strategy. What has to be true about your market, clients, customers, competitions, for this straegy to work . Then you can watch the world unfold. If the world is not working the way you hope, you can tweak. You have a mechanism to tweak this.
    • Not letting it become too completed.
    • A single page
      • Here is where we are choosing to play
      • Here is how we are choosing to win
      • Here are the capabilities we need to have in place
      • Here are the management systems
    • Thus be able to achieve this goal.

VPN in Kubernetes Cluster

Consider Mesh VPN, which is different with Service Mesh.
Mesh VPN creates a virtual cloud environment in which the cluster may be composed of many different physical environments.

With Mesh VPN, you can manage single cluster across multiple environments

  • Cloud burst
    • On-prem clusters can have access to the cloud’s physical resources if needed without having knowledge of where the node is.

Consider using Kernel WireGuard as the VPN

Limitations or Considerations

  • Bandwidth Pricing,
  • Corporate firewalls, and
  • application level latency.

Review on Kernel WireGuard
What is WireGuard?

Relatively new VPN protocol, potentially disruptive to the VPN industry,

Comparison between the currently gold VPN standard openVPN

Connecting to Kubernetes Cluster with OpenVPN

There is an openvpn docker you can install

Anti SEO Ranking

Algo for decision making

pricing page design

State Design Pattern

A state independent class. Set order state, calls order state functions with reference to interface classes.

An interface for different state classes.
State classes is aware of their next states they need to transition to - hard codes into their class.


native VS Web

Are you prematurely optimizing your tech stack?

Don’t get distracted by the shiny tech and forget the core mission of all tech companies - solve end user’s problems as fast as possible, as efficiently as possible.

Monolith to microservices

  1. have a plan

  2. Recognize there are transition best practices you can follow

  3. Break down the refactor and chew on them before you proceed to the next piece

  4. Create a test plan using 80:20 rule. You will be using this test plan to ensure critical workflows are covered by your new module.

Defensive CSS


You were sad for a moment, then it passes

Spotify acquired Daily Music Game startup

Meal Planning in Remote Alaska

Why Software Engineers love Woodwork

Why I killed my startup

Best radios for Emergency use

Microsoft announce 4 new employee workforce initiatives

Technical Layoff

opensource alternatives

Startup CTO’s roles and responsibilities

Working with constraints. Working with a team, being customer centric.

10 Things startup CTO needs to know

Jason Wong - Champion for the thrash of society

He had a heart to be captains of people’s lives.

Optimize for feeling

Why have a blog?