And the Learning continues in 2021

SUNDAY, June 06, 2021    

It has been awhile since I last posted. The past 6 months has been a challenging transition away from employment into entreperneurship. And the baby has been born. By baby, I meant a company.

I present to you Kinobi. It is a gen Z focused career accelerator to help students or early career professionals to job prep, job search, and job switch into specific industries. All our tools are build in-house so that will be challenge I would love to share more in the future.

You can check out the Resume Builder here.

Through the transition, it has helped me to understand what it means to be borderline burnt out every single day. It is not easy, but no-one ever says that making a change will be easy either. It has been an exciting journey to build tools you know are beneficial for anyone whom seeks to land into their dream careers.

Over the past months, while one should be focused to achieve what they set out to do, you can easily lose sight of personal development or self care. Please, amidst all things, do not neglect yourself.

In today’s article, I will continue to share with you whatever articles I’ve read the past months which are interesting and insightful. Hope you enjoy!

Andriod’s webview has been crashing!

Gee!! What is happening?

Scaling YC

Scaling too fast can be fatal for your company. Adding too many users ahed of your architecture/organisational structure’s capacity can lead to painful ‘outages’ and failures that are hard to forget.

The case for better watch typography

Check out how a professional would describe a typography

“I wanted a typography that was structured, taut, rigorous, bold, and echoing the drawing of digital numbers,” explains Arnaud Chastaingt, director of the Chanel Watchmaking Creation Studio.

Compare AWS AZURE GCP services

An article from google. So this is interesting. This is a map to navigate through all the available services (which are a ton) so you know how google cloud is keeping up with the other cloud service provider’s toolset.

It is also interesting to note how google positioned they own products on the left side of the columns with a blue link color to subtly highlight their own products.

1000 true fans

Funding open source projects

Your application could exist is highly probably because of at least one open source project that was well maintained by the community.

Youtube is considering to remove dislike counters

But guess what will probably happen in the comments section?

Some are also saying that dislike counter is probably one of the fastest way to provide content feedback to content creators. Removing that could potentially encourage more bad content to be surface and continue to be shared w the community. There’s some truth in there you know…

New features of Google Maps

Super cool and well designed features to be added into google maps! i

The cult of ycombinator

Among other things, Kassiri questioned YC’s judgement on what African companies to invest in as it lacked local context, and suggested a lot of “FOMO money” was being thrown at YC companies, many of which are “ridiculously over-valued” on demo day and experience a bit of a reality check once the hype dies away post-programme.

In addition: “Also, many consider that the amount of money being thrown at YC companies might have been more beneficial if invested in “the truly great companies that are silently building”. I don’t disagree. YC is a cult. But I’d rather analyse behaviours than simply condemn them.”

Let’s go back to the series of tweets from Kassiri, who said “not getting into YC doesn’t make you a bad company, and getting into YC doesn’t make you a good company”. Omoigui agrees there are many companies that won’t take part in YC, and yet will be hugely successful.

Interesting thoughts about YC. The network, resources and value YC bring to the table is super valuable. I guess its just good to be aware of the glow around YC decisions to always be able to make your own judgement on what you perceive as a good company. There’s this saying, you can outsource your implementation but never outsource your own judgement - everyone says a company is good does not definitely determine it is; It could be a higher probability but never definite.

Goat Capital with Justin Kan & Robin Chan

Interesting to read up on Justin Kan! He has very informative + insightful podcasts with The Quest. So check that out!

If you have not heard of him, perhaps you have heard of his creation: Twitch. Yes he is the founder of that company before its sold to Microsoft.

The fight against clubhouse is coming!

You have the following from big tech companies

  1. Facebook Live Messenger Rooms
  2. Spotify/ Locker Rooms
  3. Twitter spaces
  4. Instagram Live Rooms
  5. Slack Live Feature
  6. Discord’s Stage Channels

These Features are all audio-only targeting different user segments. So the direct competition with Clubhouse is on. The new space for audio-only has been proven to exists through the insane traction Clubhouse got over just 6months. They became a unicorn just 8months from ideation.

Check out the read here.
Check out how insane the idea is:

All of these numbers are being thrown around…
even as the app still:

  • Is making zero revenue
  • Doesn’t have an Android app
  • Remains invite-only (with 2m current registered users)

Can you outsource your product UI UX?

Websites with sexy UIs

They look really good and a website with good aesthetics makes a difference in its credibility and ability to convince a user for sales.

Of course there are cases of bad UIs from credible companies; then we know the credibility comes from the brand and not the website itself.

How to read actively and think deeply?

This is a good discussion on how you can get started on your reading habits. Its really good habit but you have to find the reason in which you start. If you lose sight of your reason, you can easily draft into a mindless watch of netflix, youtube or social media. So keep your mind clear and fresh.

Git from the bottom up

An interesting article for business peeps whom have to deal with engineers in their line of work. Getting updated with technical terms can build strong trust and alignment in your company. So put time and effort to do that.

Is the startup scene for me?

Whatever the workplace you are in, make sure it aligns with your intrinsic motivations? So that begs the broader question: what are you motivated by?

Financial stability? Or high risk with high returns? A startup with a strong mission you believe and resonate with?

Finding this motivation within you is a work in itself. It doesn’t just happen, you have to put in the work to find it out for yourself. Doing things you thought might be what you like. Then realizing that it isnt. Then realizing that perhaps financial stability is more important to you than you imagine. Its a process.

Rich people do have trouble understanding what it’s like to be poor

Its not because of bad upbringing. It goes deeper than that. Its the missed out experience on what it feels to be of lack. When your Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is challenged in the lower bracket. You do things that you never thought you would need. Being hungry is not a sufficient reason you should be eating now. Do you have enough for eat the next meal if you were to eat this one? Do you have sufficient to last 10 days down the road if you choose to indulge in this one meal today? If any of your answers is a no, then perhaps its not worth filling this hunger right now.

Apple Wearable Technology is already in the 2030s

Super amazing feature with assistive touch.

Technical tools

Storing JSON Logic for both Frontend and Backend

The operator is the key of the JSON then you will hold the 2 values in array as values.


Giving out free transports as ways to encounter public transport

Interesting concept by France to encourage higher usage of public transports. The cost are bore by the businesses.

Researchers found that after the move, which was funded by a small increase in business tax, passengers increased by 60% during the week and doubled on weekends – with nearly 50,000 trips made per day. Of the new users, 48% said they regularly used the public transport network instead of cars.

Write about what you are struggling with

You may not become a knowledge expert overnight