First post of the year 2020

SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 2020 11:20 PM    

Back in 2019, I told myself I want to kickstart a small, (almost)costless & personal side hustle. Being a talkative person, I thought a good way to communicate many topics outside of conversations is to start a new blog. Of course, being an avid learner, this serves as a platform for learning as well.

This platform serves 3 main purposes:

  1. Hone the technical skill.
  • Being a software engineer, you essential wear 2 hats. First a creator. Second a problem solver.
  • You are creating features that previously did not exist. Having to translate user requirements into an actual product or service, Software engineers are often ‘creators’.
  • In the process to create the end product, you ALWAYS find yourself bumped up by a problem. And thus google is our best companion.
  • It is always good personal growth habit to create your own platform to explore new tools, new technology. As you explore new tools, you continuously hone your problem solving skills and be in touch with the technology in the market.

  1. Work on the ability to generate content
  • As I started my amateur journey on creating content, I found myself having to deal with a whole new set of problems - How do I protect myself against copy righting issuesl How do I credit someone’s photos if I were to use them. How should I craft my post today? How should it be organised that best explains
  • I foresee an exciting journey ahead to learn and develop this skill.

  1. Get into the details
  • I often find myself skimming through details as I think from a higher level perspective.
  • This can be a strength as much as a weakness.
  • Being articulate and particular about the details allows you to make better sense of the context of the subject you are thinking about.
  • It creates a space for you to internalise your information, and thereupon develop deeper understanding of a particular subject.
  • I do not mean to think about a simple topic for days or weeks. It could be more applicable for topics which requires deep thinking.